17 August 2009

*sigh* For F#%@'s Sake, People!!!!!

Let's see:

- Major shift in policy proposed for one of the last mainline denominations NOT on the verge of splitting over sexuality;

- Conference of Bishops offering a reasonable proposal that decisions of such import might be healthier if they reflect a consensus rather than a simple majority;

- Several million Lutherans watching around the nation, hoping we can maintain civility and respect over such divisive matters.

Add them all together and the Assembly's response is NAY to supermajority? Well, that's just stupid. Shoot yourself in the foot, jump on the bed with a hammer, making toast in the bathtub stupid. And you can quote me on that.

Grace & peace,

ps: Scott's bishop, his campus ministry board, and anyone in any position of leadership in the ELCA would like you to direct your eyes to the disclaimer on the left of your computer screen, particularly the bits where he clearly states that he speaks only for himself. Thank you.


  1. For the record, I voted in favor of the super-majority. I still think it would have been the best choice. Sigh. Go Lutherans.