11 September 2009

The, er, Kindness of Friends

My beloved black 4th gen Nano bit the dust a few weeks ago. 16G of tiny little sonic wonder deemed unrepairable and, worse, not replaceable by the folks at Apple. Combine that with our new dedication to save money rather than use credit for purchases we don't "need," and I'm woefully behind on audiobooks and podcasts.

But here comes a good friend to the rescue. She calls Wednesday morning and says she's coming with a suprise for me. It's an old iPod Mini. Completely functional, not being used because her child got a new one last year, only 4G but with proper tending I should get a lot of use out of it before it bites the dust. There's only one problem:

Stop that snickering. I mean it.

Grace & peace,


  1. You know, I thought about feigning innocence and saying "What problem?" but that isn't productive! Embrace the pinkness, Scott. My son has a pink elephant that he totes everywhere, my nephew has pink overalls that he adores. Pink is the new blue, for males.

    And if you really cannot handle embracing the pink, just slap a little sticker on there that says "Fight Breast Cancer" and I guarantee no one will give you crap. Well, except your brother. :-P

  2. My old iPod mini was also pink. It was cheaper than the rest of the iPods on Ebay. I've since moved on (which is good, because the iPod went on a year or so back.)

  3. dude seriously... pink is the new power color.

  4. Man Up, Dude. My 3 sons ages 10, 9 and 6 ended up with a pink Nintendo DS that was left behind at an airport and offered up by TSA employees. We can't afford such an item and you know what their comment was?

    We don't care if it's pink, it still plays the same!!

    If 3 young boys can manage to enjoy pink and not worry about their image...need I say more?

    Just wear a lavender shirt while using your new iPod and REALLY give 'em something to contemplate!