08 November 2009

Nebraska 10, Oklahoma 3

Some postgame thoughts after a HUGE Nebraska win.

1. When did Bob Newhart become an NCAA referee? And could he be fired soon? Larry and Daryl and the other Daryl should go, too. That was some pretty incompetent officiating out there. Thankfully it seemed to be balanced incompetence that didn't favor either team.

2. Given the choice between watching Nebraska's offense and removing my own appendix with a spoon, I might just ask for a fifth of Jack Daniels and start digging.

3. Ndamukong Suh is a baaaaaaaaaaaad man.

4. One of the most promising developments from 2007 to today is this: Nebraska knows how to make open field tackles. Frankly, in 27 years of watching as much Cornhusker football as I can, I've never seen the Blackshirts tackle like they do today. It's a thing of beauty.

5. I think we can all agree that Matt O'Hanlon has now officially worked off that one blown coverage against Virginia Tech, can't we?

6. Philip Dillard isn't just out of Pelini's doghouse: he's burned it to the ground, kicked over its ashes, and urinated all over the thing. It's a good thing it's a metaphorical doghouse.

7. Considering how last Saturday night/Sunday morning went for the unfortunate cars that got in Mr. Suh's way, I'm thinking everyone parks in the driveway in Lincoln tonight. Or maybe on the lawn.

8. One nice thing about being forced to catch up to the game on DVR - blowing right through whatever crap the announcers are unloading during the fade-in after commercials. And avoiding halftime commentary entirely.

9. Nebraska won, Notre Dame lost. Doesn't get much better than that, does it?

10. Oh, wait, yes it does - God has finally abandoned the Hawkeyes, leaving them no avenue of escape from a loss they so richly deserve. Now, if God and I could just get on the same page about how nobody ever covers the spread anymore...

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