02 February 2011

Minnesota Blogger Con-Fab Thingy (In Which I Forget Proper Documentation, But Consume 1X1023g Saturated Fat. YUM)

I'm a good blogger, I'm a bad blogger.  But you knew this already.

Today I went to the Blue Door Pub in St. Paul, MN for lunch with some fellow Lutheran bloggers.  This little con-fab was originally the brainchild of Chris Duckworth (LutheranZephyr), who was unfortunately forced to stay at home on the East Coast due to Snowmageddopocolypsemaniatron 2011.  We soldiered on without him.

Bloggers who did make it were yours truly, LutherLiz and Anna (with Husby Jared in tow).  LutherLiz and I were both at Luther Seminary at roughly the same time, and had kept somewhat in touch via blogging over the last few years, but I'd never met Anna - and now I'm wishing I'd met her and Husby much earlier.  It was one of the most enjoyable lunches I've had in quite some time, and would have been even if the food had been lousy.

Beer-battered green beans, Juicy Blucy (not mine, because I'm a bad blogger)
 The food, however, was most definitely not lousy.  Holy deep-fried cheesy goodness, Batman.  I had the original "Juicy Blucy," a hamburger stuffed with blue cheese.  I had the beer-battered green beans.  I had a Surly Brewing company ale, and even though I arrived late, Anna, Jared and LutherLiz saved two deep-fried cheesy Spam bites for me.  Wow. 

I meant to bring my phone inside so as to tweet and get a pic for blogging tonight, but as is my wont I was a forgetful prat and left said phone in the car, and it was just too frigging cold to go back out and get it.  Besides, when you've only got an hour to meet new friends, tweeting just isn't quite as important. 

This small Lutheran world just keeps getting smaller, but I'll tell you what:  the young-ish Lutherans I'm meeting these days give me great hope for our church.  God has scattered some smart, talented, passionate, thoughtful folks throughout this denomination, and envisioning another thirty-odd years working among them, should I be so lucky, is quite invigorating.  Thanks Anna, Jared and Liz for showing me that no matter how ugly the church can be, God is always sowing the mission field with good seeds.

Grace & peace,


  1. I agree entirely! It was a wonderful lunch made that much more wonderful by the company! Thanks for the great time and conversation.

  2. Thanks for the shoutout! What a great post. And for the record, I think you're a good blogger =) We had a blast meeting you too! Thanks for a great lunch- it was the best new friend making, huge amounts of fatty goodness ingesting lunch we've had in a long time!