01 June 2012

Friday Five: Summer Edition

In my neck of the woods folks who have children of a certain age are doing a dead sprint through end of school year activities: piano recitals, baseball tournaments, travel soccer games, gymnastics meets, dance recitals, graduations, band concerts, field trips and end-of-the year fill in the blank.

I'm ready for Summer. True, I still have to work, but I'm ready for a different rhythm, some more free space to do stuff and the trips we have planned.

Please tell us five things you are doing this Summer.

Bonus? One thing you're not doing, but WANT to be doing.

And if you happen to live in a place where this does not apply, let us know what you do in the Summer.
From RevGalBlogPals.

  1.  Moving.  We received an offer on our house three days after it was listed, and we're tying up loose ends over the next few weeks.  We move into a newly-renovated parsonage on the 16th of June and tentative closing date on our house is 1st July.  Woo-hoo for a quick sale!  Boo for being uprooted!  But we're moving because I'm...

2.  Starting a new call.  Today was my first day in the office of our new church, St. Petri Lutheran in Story City, IA - in fact, I'm typing this at my desk.  I have big windows, lots of sunlight and a crapton of books to unpack.  Oh, and my sermon for Sunday is half-finished.  And I have a wedding tomorrow afternoon.  And it's Scandinavian Days in Story City, the big summer festival here.  Walking the tightrope, I am.

3.  Running again.  I'm planning on running the Twin Cities Marathon in October, so it's time to ramp up the mileage and get out and explore our new town.  Hopefully there's some cool spots to run in the country around here.

The Ames Aquatic Center. Lots-o-fun here!
4.  Water park with the girls.  We got an Ames water park pass again, since they're staying in their pre-school there until they start school in Story City.  There will be many days we'll go to Ames early, pick up the girls and go for a swim before we come home.  Summer's fun like that.

5.  Golf.  Once we sell the house, I should be able to afford a membership at the local course.  I bought new irons in May, and I'm hoping to have new woods and a new putter by the end of the season.  Having fun playing with something a bit better than the $120-for-clubs-and-a-bag set I've used for the past eleven years!

Bonus:  Meeting and recruiting new students for campus ministry.  I'll be honest:  I'm really going to miss the work I was doing.  This is a great move for our family, financially and emotionally and spiritually and all, but I LOVED campus ministry and hope to find ways to work with young adults here (once I find some.  :-) ).  The toughest part will be maintaining my distance, since we're only a 15 minute drive from Iowa State.  Gotta respect those boundaries, right? 

A blessed start of the summer to you all!

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  1. Although the specifics are different, your First and Second are EXACTLY what my family and I are up to to begin Summer.
    1. Moving from seminary campus to parsonage. After nearly 4 full years in the same apartment, we are moving 4 hours Westward into a house because...
    2. I have received my first call to the 2-point parish of Christ and Emmanuel Lutheran Parish outside of Pittsburgh, PA.
    3. Being ordained, because of Item #2.
    4. Later in the Summer I will be officiating a wedding for a good friend and former co-worker.
    5. Cycling - bicycle and motorcycle. I am eager to get back on the roads in both forms for relaxation, health and to explore the wonders of a new region while I grow into this new community.

    What we most likely will not be doing is taking any form of family vacation, but I'm certain there will be enough excitement and adventure packaged with all the "newness" happening to us.

    Blessings and prayers for you and yours, SAJ, for your Summer!