15 September 2014

Five Days of Thankfulness, Day 1

My sister-in-law called me out on the Five Days of Thankfulness thing on Facebook.  Given that this is the sort of thing I used to do here, it seemed like a good chance to return to blogging a bit more regularly.  So, here goes.

  1. My wife, Kristin.  Of course, my Beloved comes first - but not just because that's how it should work.  I'm truly blessed to be her partner in life.  She's kind, patient, determined, passionate, funny, beautiful, a wonderful mother to our two girls, and as I realized yet again the other day, the person with whom I enjoy talking the most.  Which is saying something, given that I really don't care for talking all that much (pastoral evidence to the contrary, silence is a thing I treasure because I get so little of it.)  Not only am I blessed to be her husband, but I get to work side by side with her as a partner in ministry with our congregation, and to our joy we have discovered we enjoy working together and we're pretty good at it (well, this is my joy, at least - you'll have to ask her if it's a joy working with me or not).  
  2. Our oldest daughter, Ainsley.  Ainsley is a mini-me, in looks, but she has her mother's caring heart and loving nature.  I know I'm bragging just a little bit here, but what has struck me most about Ainsley as she has grown older is her emotional maturity and wisdom.  She shows a heck of a lot more empathy than I ever did as a child (or do now, to be perfectly honest).  I hope like everything that her sweetness and kindness will hold fast as she grows older and has to live through the growing pains every child faces.  
  3. Our youngest daughter, Alanna.  Alanna is also a mini-me:  in temperament.  She's passionate, determined, impatient, easily distracted, and goofy.  She is constantly singing and always falls deeply in love with whatever music has captured her attention for the moment.  She also hates sleeping, a belief I wholeheartedly endorse (there's so much out there to experience - why waste a second more sleeping through it than is absolutely necessary?).  
So this was the easy one.  More to come tomorrow.

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