29 September 2006

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Two word review: KICKS ASS!

Slightly longer review: West Wing heads, um, west. All the things you loved in West Wing are here: witty dialogue, snappy plots, great continuous shots that weave through incredibly complex sets. Many of the things I didn't necessarily care for about West Wing are here, too - cloyingly utopian idealism being the most prominent. But damn, Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford make a fine duo. Add in Amanda Peet and Tim Daly as head-butting execs, a snappy production room headed by Timothy Busfield, and some really great characters on the cast and among the writers, and you've got a lot of things to keep you entertained. Great scene from last week: as they are trying to come up with an opening number for the first show, someone mentions how they should be the "model" of a great television show. This, of course, morphs into an opening number straight out of Pirates of Penzance, but the way the moment happens in Matthew Perry's office is just breathtakingly good. Love this show!

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