17 March 2007

Baby Ainsley 365; The Return of the Camera

As you probably guessed, the camera was sitting out in plain view after all. We were just so zombie-fied due to poor sleep lately that we didn't see it. Oh well.

It's been a nice weekend here in Barrett - the weather is cool but not cold, and even though I was pretty productive at the office this week, I've had some time this afternoon to catch up on work at home before Beloved and I have our first date since Ainsley was born (well, okay, we did go out to dinner once, but this will be far from home and for several hours).

Since I'm a few days behind on pics I'll catch up two at a time. Yesterday afternoon we had the NCAA Tournament on while doing some stuff 'round the house. Ainsley, being her father's daughter, got sucked into the action:

Today Momma & Ainsley headed out for a nice walk while I stayed home to peruse the Saturday paper. Off we go!

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