25 March 2007

Baby Ainsley 365: Workin' With Dad

Friday morning I ran home after Men's Breakfast and brought Ainsley back with me to the office so Beloved could get some of her own work done. We've done this a couple of times now and it usually works just fine. Friday it didn't, really - she slept for about 30 minutes, then cried and fussed for an hour until I gave up and took her back home. At which point she promptly fell asleep in the swing for four hours. Grrrr. How can someone so small be so contrary and so adorable at the same time? (Don't answer that, Mom.)

Today has been a nightmare for Beloved. Ainsley wailed and screamed for an hour this morning, the one time when I can't tag in to help out. She did the same for a good portion of the afternoon, until we took her to the Meatball Supper at the church for two hours, where she was really pretty good. Then when we brought her back home it was back to being fussy. Makes you wonder if she just doesn't like staying at home.

But, she's finally falling asleep now. We're listening to Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue;" never too early to start her music education, right? Next week it'll be Chet Baker, "My Funny Valentine." And Storyhill - lots and lots of Storyhill. :)

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