11 March 2007

On Notice!

1. DST - Like I have an hour of sleep to sacrifice with a seven-week-old in the house?
2. Mud - I can't run in it. I can't get it off my shoes. I can't keep it out of my house. I can't get it off my car. I HATE March weather.
3. My Knees - They suck. I got five miles in yesterday and had to quit because of severe pain. At this rate I don't know if I'll be able to finish the marathon in May. Thanks, Mom.
4. Minnesota Sports - T-Wolves? Suck. Gopher basketball? Suck. Gopher football? Suck. Vikings? Suck. Wild? Hockey. Twins? Trying to build a stadium and getting held up by a bunch of farmers holding their downtown lot until it screams. What's to like?
5. Share-It-Alls - Shut up. At some point, your ignorance is just going to reach critical mass and I'm going to friggin explode. Not every situation or item on an agenda needs your ill-informed and conjectural comment.
6. CNN - I'll start watching again when you stop looking so much like "Inside Edition" or "Access Hollywood." Seriously, weren't you once "the most trusted name in news?"
7. "Relevant" - If you're trying to be "relevant" you're trying to be something you're not. Stop it. Now.
8. "Contemporary" Worship - ALL WORSHIP IS CONTEMPORARY. If you don't like organs, that's fine, but unless the organist is playing in a time warp, that worship is "contemporary" as well.

Ahhh - that feels better.


  1. I'm (finally!) delurking to leave a comment. Mosup had sent me a link to your blog a while back.

    Your rant about the mud and the March weather reminded of one of my favorite quotes from Garrison Keillor: "God created the March weather in Minnesota so that people who don't drink would know what a hangover feels like."

    I remember hearing him say that on PHC right before I moved away from Minnesota, and I believe that truer words have never been spoken, at least about the Minnesota weather.

    I'm also in agreement with you on the "contemporary" worship, but I never did like the Jesus-is-my-boyfriend music.

    btw, on an unrelated note, your daughter is absolutely beautiful! I couldn't leave a comment without mentioning that! :)

  2. Awww, thanks for the nice things you say about AJ - we think she's cute, too.

    I despise "Jesus-is-my-boyfriend" music also, but I love love LOVE using more instruments than an organ in worship. (I love a well-played pipe organ, too, but that's another rant). I just don't see why we have to limit ourselves to one style of worship; can't we enjoy both classical, folk and jazz? I've even heard of a country-western liturgy floating around the church somewhere: good for us! That's what I was trying to rant about "contemporary" worship.

    Great to see you - I'll be at your blog in a minute!