31 October 2008

2008 Running Goal

In the sidebar on the right you'll notice I've got a running report - this comes from the nifty training log at Runner's World magazine's website. It's a neat tool - I've got most of my running routes mapped so that all I have to do to keep track of my times & distances is enter what I've done that day. As of today, October 31, I've got 480 miles on the year with two months to go. That means if I get 60 miles in both November and December, I will have run 600 miles in 2008. Since I have yet to meet my goal of breaking 4 hours in a marathon, this one will have to do for the year. I do hope to continue shuffling along and eventually break that 4 hour barrier. But I might have to give up some beer and ice cream to do it, and I'm not sure it's worth the suffering. :-)

It's pretty cool how the miles add up after a while. And how much I'd missed being a regular runner while we were adjusting to Alanna being in the house. The last two months have seen steady improvement in both regularity and distance, so hopefully I can keep that up over the winter and really push on when spring rolls around.

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  1. You're an inspiration! I was a runner, back in high school. Oh how I must get back into that running routine! Keep it up. You're doing great.