07 October 2008

CROP Walk - Help Wanted!

My buddy Matt decided that it would be great to use his blog as a force for good a few weeks ago: specifically, raising funds for the Alzheimer's Memory Walk in honor of his mom, who suffers early onset Alzheimer's (though I would be remiss if I didn't note that he still hasn't blogged about the walk itself. Shame! There, Matt - you've been tagged.)

So, I'll do the same here for our local CROP Walk. CROP is a Church World Service fundraiser: Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty. While I don't have a personal connection as Matt does, in a sense we all have a connection to the fact that the vast majority of us on this planet are forced to live on less than $2 per day, with limited access to clean water and sufficient food. CROP is just one small way that each of us can make a difference.

Here is a link where you can donate to the Ames/Story County CROP Walk for my team. If you'd rather provide a general donation, you can do that here. Either way, even $1 would provide a substantial benefit for those in need. Thanks for doing it - not from me, but from those for whom I and our Lutheran Center folks will be walking. God bless!


  1. You're right. I'm a bad, bad blogger. Bad blogger! Bad!


    Great cause, and great post!

    (And thanks for calling me out. Seriously. I've been remiss in not posting about the Memory Walk...I promise I'll do it soon.)

  2. Hope your efforts are going well!