06 October 2008

Monday MEEme

RevKim tagged me for a meme. Six Unremarkable Things About Me. Note that this is NOT to be confused with the "7 for 700" due in a few weeks.

1. For a couple of years in college, my shirts consisted almost 100% of marching band and church camp t-shirts.

2. I have become my mother when it comes to cleaning, laundry, etc. I've been known to rearrange dishes and glasses until everything that needs washing gets a spot, and it's arranged in such a way that it's most efficient also: big plates behind little plates, etc. I think I may actually suffer from a mild form of OCD when it comes to such things, because I get irritated if Kristin does my laundry and doesn't put things away as I'd like them to be put away. For example, my shirts in my closet must all face the same direction, arranged by type (button-down, polo, t-shirts, starting each with short sleeves and moving to long-sleeves). All right, that may be a bit remarkable. Enough of the anal retentive stuff.

3. I have a small hemangioma underneath my right eye.

4. I cannot eat cooked squash, and can barely stomach muskmelon and cantelope. If I try to eat cooked squash my throat will lock up and my gag reflex kicks in.

5. I don't wear any gold jewelry, watches or rings, at least, as far as I'm aware. My wedding band and watch are both silver (the watch has a black leather band).

6. Boxers. 'Nuff said.

So, there's your Monday Meme. And now for something completely different:


  1. Thanks for the video! Helped make Monday a bit more manageable! =)

  2. LOVE THE MUPPETS!!!!!!!!!! Kids don't know what they're missing today!

  3. MILD case of OCD? Who would've known?

  4. Thanks for playing! And a great play it is. Funny how we turn into our parents, isn't it?