11 October 2008

Proud Of My Boys In Red

Nebraska 31
Texas Tech 37

So, why am I pretty happy?

From 52-17 last week vs. Missouri to coming within a play or two of defeating the #7 ranked team in the country? Yeah, I'm pretty happy.

Not "rip my clothes off and go running through the streets naked" happy (which has to be a relief for the neighbors), but "my boys are showing progress" happy.

I've said more than once that the new Husker regime under Bo Pelini reminds me of Oklahoma in the first year under Bob Stoops. Considering the success Oklahoma has had in this decade, that's not a bad place to be.

Being a Husker fan means understanding that the game is more than just the score. True, there are no "moral victories," and Coach Pelini doesn't even like to consider the idea. But to improve, to struggle, to refuse to lay down, to give 100% from kickoff to the final play, that is what it means to play for Nebraska - and my boys left it all out on the field today. They lived out the Husker creed: "Not the victory, but the action. Not the goal, but the game. In the deed, the glory."

Huskers vs. Iowa State next week. In Ames. Gonna take me one game off from our Campus Ministry concession stand and watch this one in person. Should be fun.

Keep the faith.
Go Big Red!

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