07 March 2009

On Being Interrupted

I had the best of intentions for the Lenten Devotion series to be a daily post.  I plan to resume that series tomorrow with the sermon.  But the past two days have been taken up with preparations for a great event, as well as the event itself.  

We did a Spirituality and Dating Retreat with the Catholic Student Community at the Lutheran Center last night and this morning.  We had speakers ranging from dating couples to long-marrieds like me and Beloved.  We shared stories (including some really great dating horror stories), ate good food, drank lots of coffee and laughed a LOT.  I'd have to say, based on the reaction we received from participants, it was a good, good event - lots of learning and growth and most of all, support for people to believe that dating and relationships aren't the be all and end all of human existence, that singleness can be a genuine blessing, that we aren't good for others until we're good for ourselves.  

This was a good interruption for me.  While the devotions have been a great pleasure to write, it's one more thing on top of an already full schedule.  I needed a breather, and this provided it.  Now, hopefully, I'll come back ready to write better and more regularly.  See you tomorrow.


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