16 July 2009

Thursday Roundup

Two of the three women who meddled with Beloved & me until we started dating are here with us this week. It's been fun to be with them again. We had a babysitter last night and went out for delicious Italian at a restaurant we hadn't tried yet, and tonight we'll take in a LCM barbecue and a Muni Band concert. Fun times!

Finished two books this week and began reading an unpublished work for a friend, something I'd promised to do for a while and finally I think I've got time to do it. The girls are sleeping until seven or even eight most mornings now, which means I can brew my coffee and sit outside in the early morning quiet and read. It's really lovely.

That's the quick update. We're hoping to get to the new Harry Potter movie tomorrow afternoon. The in-laws are coming Saturday night, another visit to which I'm looking forward. Hope you all have a great week.

Grace & peace,

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