07 December 2006

Well, You Learn Something New Every Day

We went to breastfeeding class tonight. Of course, considering that only one of "we" has the requisite equipment, "we" made jokes about the fact that "we" were going to breastfeeding class.

It seems that "we" were wrong. According to our instructor (and Wikipedia), it is possible to induce male lactation through stimulation over a period of months. Men have all the necessary equipment: mammary glands, nipples, etc - we just don't have the storage capacity that women have.

I'll admit that I shut up right quick with my smart-assing the moment our instructor dropped this particular bomb. Then some other guy said "Don't even think about it" to his partner, we laughed, and the moment passed.

So, that was the lesson for today. Thankfully, I convinced Beloved that today's lesson could remain untested.

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