15 December 2006

YIPPEE - Hate Mail!

Oh, trust me - I'm awake now.

I received this letter in response to an earlier post about U.S. Congressman - elect Keith Ellison, which I also sent to the editorial page of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. They published it on Sunday, 3 December.

In regard to the argument of the letter (which totally missed the point of my own, I might add), I would say the following: I think the country we'd have today, if 'founded' upon the Qu'ran, would bear a suspicious resemblance to the totalitarian state our more zealous Bible-beaters would create for us. I'm glad that I live in neither - and I'll continue to fight to keep it that way. The Bible does not bear everlasting truth of its own accord - it bears the everlasting Word of God, Jesus Christ, and from the Bible I learn far more about my own sinfulness and my need for Christ Himself than I do about the sinfulness of the world around me. If more people would actually listen to Jesus' words rather than looking for self-justification in God's word, then maybe the body of Christ would be seen more charitably.

I don't think I need to explain myself any further in regard to the post. I will, however, note that this unsigned letter arrived at our house in a holiday-theme envelope imprinted with a festive holiday wreath, a Jesus fish sticker in the return address location, and another imprint reading, "God's best to you! Christ's blessings on you!" (Philemon 1-3 The Message). Please also note the extensive clip art work, including the layering of the circle/slash over the Qu'ran AND the multicolored type. This was not some slap-dash bit of unsigned commentary - it took some work.

In the end, I still feel pretty good about this. Apparently I'm still pissing off the right kind of people.


  1. I'm laughing so hard that tears are messing up my mascara! Did this seriously show up at your house?? Is it a practical joke? Scrapbooking hate mail!?

  2. Hey, cool! I always love the turkeys who deliver anonymous responses. Yeah, they're sure prepared for dialogue. It always strikes me that if someone's so sure about their own opinion, what have they to fear in talking openly and honestly with others who disagree?

    What was it Jesus said? "Let your 'yes' mean 'yes' and your 'no' 'no'..." Who needs oaths? Not Jesus, apparently, nor any of his followers.