18 May 2009

Two (OUCH) Steps Forward, One (OUCH - DAMMIT!) Step Back

Caution: whining ahead.

This has not been a stellar physical year for me. Two episodes of severe back pain have been really difficult to overcome, even with chiropractic care and what I thought was progress in taking care of myself. And lately things just seem to be getting worse. This morning I rolled out of bed with extremely sore feet, hips and back after having done nothing but sit on my ass and drive for four hours yesterday afternoon. Okay, well, I did preach yesterday and play with the girls, but that's nothing out of the normal for me.

Going to try to make a massage appointment today. We had a great therapist in Minnesota who went and abandoned us - something about a guy she liked, and would I do the wedding - I dunno, all I remember is she left us. We miss her terribly, both for her great work and for the friendship we formed. NM, anytime you want to move to Ames, we'll help you get started again, and even find a job for RM if he has to come along. I suppose I can support your need for marriage if you can support my need for pain relief. :-)

I know, this isn't the first time I've used this space to bitch about physical problems. But damn, this gets old after a while. I like being active, and I like running/biking/lifting weights, and right now I can't and I'm more than a little frustrated/scared about it.

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  1. aging... augh. prayers that you find relief and perhaps answers as to why the pains...