20 January 2010

To Ainsley, on her 3rd Birthday

Dear Ainsley,
Three years. How did we get here so fast? You'd think that after waiting 32 years to meet you, the next three wouldn't fly by so quickly. But, here we are: you're three, and I'm 35, and I pray to God we get at least another 40 years or so together.

We still talk about the day you came into our lives. How much fun it was getting to know you. That first bath. Introducing you to your family and friends. And how little sleep we got. And, of course, poop stories. But I wouldn't trade a second of it. Except maybe for that night Mommy was at work and you cried for THREE HOURS STRAIGHT and I had to put you in the car and drive around for an hour just to calm you down so I could calm down. But other than those four hours, it's mostly been incredible.

Ainsley, you've brought so much joy into our lives, most of which has come in surprising ways. Your infectious spirit and your boundless energy inspire me and your Mommy. The best part of my day, every day, is picking you up from pre-school and watching your face light up when you see me and your sister. The second best part of my day is sitting in my chair with you, you watching TV while I read the paper, and realizing, "Hey - Ainsley is my daughter. My little girl." Oh, how precious those moments can be.

You're an amazing little girl, sweetheart. Of course, I'm biased, but others have noticed your kindness and care for others, and have told us about you in words that filled us with pride. This morning kind of summed it up, didn't it? When I told you Mommy's tummy hurt, you said, "Mommy needs to take a BIG Tylenol." Then, when Mommy came out of the doctor's office, you went up to her, rubbed her tummy and asked, "Do you feel better now, Mommy?" Your concern for the people you love is obvious, and we're so amazed to watch you grow and learn how to be kind and caring, often without our help or encouragement.

I hope you enjoy your birthday today, honey, especially your new art station and the pizza and cake we'll share for supper. We love you so much, Ainsley Joy Suzanne - have a happy, happy birthday, and please, stop growing up so fast.

Love always,


  1. Is there anything better than being a daddy?

  2. (o)

    What a beautiful family!

  3. LP: Abso. Freaking. Lutely. Nothing.